Chania Boat Tours Wishes you a Happy New Year!

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New year – New travel targets

Congratulations from Chania Boat Tours! The new year has been started with new hopes and expectations and everyone is making some plans to visit places. Places which offer beautiful views with amazing sceneries and mesmerising hospitality. So, why shouldn’t you? As, planning a travel is the best therapy to start a new year and to cope up with your worries. Travelling gives some lessons of life like independence, confidence and teaches us to deal with problems and enhance our social circle. As there is a famous saying about traveling: 

“Nothing enriches you like a journey.”

(Nicholas Roerich)

Chania is the best choice!

If you have made up your mind to travel by reading these amazing benefits of traveling, then what should be the better place other than sea to spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you are worried about choosing a place which is near to water then you do not. This piece of writing is going to provide you all the information related to this. 

Having said that, do not worry about deciding the place, then no place could be better than Chania which is near to sea. Chania is the great city of Crete (Greece) and ranks as the second-largest city of Crete and the capital city of Chania regional unit. This great and beautiful city lies along the north coast of the island, which makes him attractive for tourists. This is a great and old city to visit because it has shopping streets, waterfront restaurants, old buildings, museums, churches, and shops related to craft. 

If you are looking to arrange this amazing city tour then you should pay some time to visit the sea. As this is famous saying:

“Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels.”

(Nikos Kazantzakis)

Chania Boat Tours – a Yachting Experience

To see the waters of Chania, Chania boat tours are the best option to take, as we provide an excellent service to see beautiful views, deep seas, and to enjoy amazing yachting experience with your loved ones. You can see whole Chania town, rocks, cliffs, water and old castles bypassing statuesque using the Chania boat tours. Moreover, our boat company offers intimacy, privacy and exclusive access to the amazing sceneries of Chania town. Chania Boat tours also provide a maintained and fully new and furnished yacht to give their customers an amazing experience while enjoying scenic views. we also skilfully provide services with some following amazing characteristics.

Chania Boat Tours Services:

  • You can rent a comfy boat to visit Chania town. 
  • Chania Boat tours provide a 2001 model yacht, with a cruising speed of 25 knots and can reach up to 35 knots. 
  • The Boat have luxurious facilities including one double cabin, water closet, kitchenette, comfortable sunbeds to accommodate up to eight guests, with medical equipment, external shower bathing, WIFI facility, rear sunbed, and front sunbed. 
  • We are a professional boat company that provide amazing Chania yacht tours for families, couples, and friends. 
  • We offer the most competitive prices compared to our competitors, along with excellent services. 
  • You can book a whole yacht to arrange your private tour or party. 
  • You can explore multiple destinations, rest your body and can swim and experience crystal clear water. 

Chania Boat Tours Destinations:

In light of the above characteristics, there are the following options of destinations for which you can hire our company:

  • Theodorou Island- Glaronisi Island cruise 
  • Macherida Beach cruise
  • Chania Cruise at Menies Bay- Choironisia Bay 
  • Chania Cruise at Balos Lagoon – Gramvousa Island 

Following facilities are included in Balos Lagoon cruise option:  

  • Full meal (Greek salad, elite Greek wine, beverages, fruit salads, water, snorkeling equipment, bath towels and many more)

Other cruises options:

  • Full meal (upon request)
  • Beverages, fruit salads, cold snacks, and sandwiches
  • Water, snorkelling equipment, and bath towels 

The above traits prove that there is no other better option than Chania Boat Tours company. We are the company that has earned travel and hospitality awards in 2019 for its excellent services. 

we are an award-winning yachting company in Chania Greece!

We also be a part of many travel directories worldwide such as !

So, what is the reason not to visit this astonishing place with our excellent boat service company? It is the perfect time to book your yacht now and start to visit Chania town. 

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