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Rent a Boat in Chania


If you want to rent a boat from Chania to Balos and Gramvousa island, the island of Theodorou, Machairida beach or the Menies Bay, the Chania Boat Tours is the ideal choice for you. A beautiful sport boat awaits you and your friends with the aim of guiding you through the crystal turquoise waters of Balos lagoon, Theodorou island and other unique destinations along the Crete coast.

To sum up, Balos and Gramvousa cruises are very popular for those who visit Chania, so choose an experienced crew who will be able to tell you what you are going to pay for.

Full day private cruise
Half Day private cruise
01/04/2024- 31/10/2024
Sunset private cruise
01/04/2024- 31/10/2024
Departure : Upon Request
Duration: 6-7 hours
Departure :  Upon Request
Duration :  4 hours
Departure :   Upon Request
Duration: 4 hours

The most exciting cruising & yachting experience during your stay at Chania!

Rent a boat in Chania

Rent a boat in Chania and feel free to cruise to some of the best beaches in the world. Voted in the 24th place of the world according to trip advisor’s users, Balos Lagoon is one of them! Let us organise the perfect private cruise for you and your family! Book with Chania Boat Tours now!

Certainly, the exotic beauty of the beaches of Chania is known worldwide. Thousands of visitors organise their holidays every year and come to Crete and specifically in the city of Chania, in order to enjoy the incredible Greek cuisine and  the known from ancient years Greek hospitality.

Cruise to Balos Lagoon or Theodorou island

Feel free to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscapes of Balos, the island of Thodorou, the Seitan Limani, Macherida beach but also the city of Chania itself which leaves a sweet taste to every new visitor.

Moreover, don’t forget to organise the ultimate travel experience  by booking a yacht with our company and feel like never before in your traveling life!

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