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  • Theodorou island
  • Glaronisi island
  • Menies Bay
  • Choironisia Bay
  • Balos Lagoon
  • Gramvousa Island

Chania Cruise

Visit Theodorou island with Chania Boat tours

Theodorou Island-Glaronisi island Cruise

Take a journey to this breathtaking island, previously known as Akoition for it’s rough terrain. As a result, this was made it unsuitable for living. From a sacred temple in the pre-Christian era to a Venetian fortress during the 1500s, the Theodorou island has gone by many names and has taken on many identities. Diving into 20th century history you’ll find the wreckage of a German WWII aircraft the famous “Junker 52”. That is to say, the island remains uninhabited to this day except for a small population of Cretan wild goat. These goats have got free reign of the island when it became a nature preserve during the 1960s.

The Itinerary:

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The first stop on this historic tour is the site of the Venetian fortress. The Venetians constructed the fortress in the 1500s because they want to protect themselves against pirate attacks and invasions from the Turks. After soaking up the beauty of the fortress that towers over the beautiful blue waters, you’ll find the lighthouse and ruins as we tour around the island.

Exploring the secret caves and amazingly clear waters allows you to see all the colorful wildlife belowand even take a dip into the warm waters. This intimate spot provides the perfect photo opportunity for capturing the memories made during these touring activities.

Moreover, during this tour you’ll be receiving fresh fruit-salads, snacks and beverages!

You’ll be completing this historic tour at the site of the German WWII “Junker 52” aircraft. A popular part of the tour for history aficionados.

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Chania Cruise at Menies Bay – Choironisia Bay

This beautiful and secluded beach is the epitome of serenity and seclusion. Home to the temple of goddess Vritomartis during Hellenistic and Roman times, Menies Bay was visited by thousands of worshippers who want to visit the ancient temples. Remains of the Roman temples can still be seen, but the Hellenistic temples have not been found.

However, the abandoned Monastery of St. George, constructed in the 9thcentury but later destroyed by pirate raid, can still  be visited.

The Itinerary:

Start time: Upon Request

This tour is all about privacy and truly getting away. We’ll take you to the Menies Bay Beach where you’ll meet the high cliffs of the Rodopos Peninsula. The exclusive access to this premier swimming location allows you to enjoy swimming in peace and tranquility.

In the same vein with all Chania Boat Trips we offer fruit-salads, snacks and beverages.

That is to say, swimming in these warm and inviting waters provides a sense of relaxation that is difficult to find privately anywhere else.

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Chania Cruise at Balos Lagoon – Gramvousa island

Balos Lagoon is known as one of the best beaches in Greece and a popular tourist attraction. Mention that it has been visited more than once by Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Certainly not as remote as Menies Bay, but possibly more beautiful because of its luxurious white sand and turquoise colored waters. In addition, it is an excellent spot for snorkeling and family friendly because the water is shallow enough for children.

A story of pirates, buried treasure, and castles belongs to Gramvousa Island, where its Venetian fortresses cast a shadow on the beautiful waters. Originally belonging to the Venetians, the castle was turned over the the Turks in 1892.

 The Itinerary:

Start time: Upon Request

 Say “aye” like a true pirate and take off toward the glowering castle of Fort Imeri Gramvousa just an hour away from the old Venetian Harbour.

Enjoy the glass like clarity of the water as you coast into history, listening to the tales of pirates and battles and buried treasure.


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