Balos Cruises

Balos…. A reference point of both Crete and Europe!

The most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean, with the most special blue and transparent waters that seem to come from a fairy tale. The only way to enjoy the view of the beach with the white, with tones of pink color, sand is to be inside a boat, gazing at the wonderful shades of the blue of the sea created by the rays of the sun. To be able to dive and enjoy the crystal-clear depth, with the various treasures it hides and not to worry the yacht staff will provide you with the necessary equipment, as well as everything you need to cool off enjoying pleasant music as you relax in the white sandy-pink in some places from the dust of crushed shells under the hot sun.

Renting the boat from the port of Chania, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the trip to the island of Gramvousa which is famous for its myths about treasures and pirates, all inspired by the special beauty that is world famous and protected, as it is part of same as the surrounding area, in the natura protection program due to the rare flora and fauna that this magical place has. Balos with its turquoise waters and rare natural beauty is undoubtedly the ultimate dream of every instagramer.

For the ultimate paradise of your vacation, book now and let us take care of the rest as you will gaze at the wonder of nature.

Sunset at Balos Lagoon