Balos Beach – The Best Place To Visit In Northwestern Crete

Balos beach reached by our yacht

If you want to visit Balos, then boat tours are definitely the best option to experience this side of northwest of Crete. It is not only that you will avoid quite challenging roads and hiking along steep and uneven paths. It is the natural beauty you will see, the unique plants and birds and various sea creatures. Furthermore, it is the history hidden behind the ancient walls of Gramavousa Penisula.

You should certainly rely on Chania Boat Tours for your perfect Balos Beach adventure. We will tailor for you the yachting experience of your life. 

The History Of The Northwestern Crete’s Region 

Ancient History of Gramvousa

To begin with, this region is packed with history. The yacht will take you past the ruins of the ancient city of Kissamos and the old Ayia Irini monastery. Then, you will pass by an enormous cave that might have been an ancient shipyard. Additionally, the Ayia Sozou harbor on your way shelters the temple of Apollo in the ancient Roman city of Agnion.

Venetian History 

The highlight of this history pursuit is the Venetian fortress from the 16th century. It stands on the barren Gramvousa Island.  Its nearly triangular shape once protected Venetian ships. It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach it from the shore. The views across the bay from the fortress are stunning. Therefore it is worth the effort. This was the first Cretan region which liberate from Turkish rule. 

The Natural Environment

The Balos Lagoon region is famous for its rare species of flora and fauna. It houses 400 plants with over 26 species endemic to Crete. Moreover, three types grow only in this region. In addition to rare plants, over 100 bird species live on the island. They nest in the caves on the island the mountain range of Platyskinos. Dolphins will probably follow our yacht and you might spot some marine turtles and Mediterranean Monk seals. From time to time, you will see some Cretan wild goats, the famous kri-kri, and lovely donkeys. 

Nature was surprisingly generous to the area. The pinkish color of the water comes from uncountable crushed shells. The wild shores display the marks from their lifting in 365AD. Namely, after a strong earthquake, they rose for 6-9m.

Balos Lagoon

Balos Beach

One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Balos Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Greece but in the world. It is immense and absolutely spectacular. The turquoise hue of the water is breathtaking. It is crystal clear, warm and shallow. Therefore, it can also be perfect for families with kids. 

This pristine area is a unique place. Early in the morning, there are not many visitors. For this reason, you definitely won’t regret getting up early. You will have several hours of tranquility only for yourself.

Beach Facilities

Sunbeds and shades on the beach are available on the beach as well as two places with refreshments. 

Outside the lagoon, deeper and cooler water is perfect for snorkeling. 

Not only that you will enjoy this unique place, but you will also be surrounded by astonishing mountains. Before you heavy-heartedly decide to end your magical day, you will be enchanted by the magnificent sunset.

Chania Boat Trips – Balos experience

The Amazing Experience with Chania Boat Tours

The excellent service that Chania Boat Tours provides to the visitors will add the amazing yachting experience to your impressions of the incredible beach, unique landscape and the exotic crystal clear water of Balos Beach. Besides, our yacht are well-maintained and luxuriously furnished. Intimacy and discretion are some of the essential features of their cruises. In particular, the personalized attitude to each traveler is what distinguishes Chania Boat Tours.

Facilities and Services Onboard

The yacht will provide you with comfy facilities that will help you relax and entertain. Regardless of the type of group (families, couples of friends), the company will design the tour specifically for you.

You will be able to enjoy tasty Greek food, beverages, and refreshments while sliding along the picturesque surrounding. Bath towels, snorkeling, and other equipment will be at your disposal.

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