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Take a journey to this breathtaking island, previously known as Akoition for it’s rough terrain. As a result, this was made it unsuitable for living. From a sacred temple in the pre-Christian era to a Venetian fortress during the 1500s, the Theodorou island has gone by many names and has taken on many identities. Diving into 20th century history you’ll find the wreckage of a German WWII aircraft the famous “Junker 52”. That is to say, the island remains uninhabited to this day except for a small population of Cretan wild goat. These goats have got free reign of the island when it became a nature preserve during the 1960s.

The Itinerary:

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The first stop on this historic tour is the site of the Venetian fortress. The Venetians constructed the fortress in the 1500s because they want to protect themselves against pirate attacks and invasions from the Turks. After soaking up the beauty of the fortress that towers over the beautiful blue waters, you’ll find the lighthouse and ruins as we tour around the island.

Exploring the secret caves and amazingly clear waters allows you to see all the colorful wildlife belowand even take a dip into the warm waters. This intimate spot provides the perfect photo opportunity for capturing the memories made during these touring activities.

Moreover, during this tour you’ll be receiving fresh fruit-salads, snacks and beverages!

You’ll be completing this historic tour at the site of the German WWII “Junker 52” aircraft. A popular part of the tour for history aficionados.

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