Balos Lagoon – Gramvousa island

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Balos Lagoon – Gramvousa island

Balos Lagoon is known as one of the best beaches in Greece and a popular tourist attraction. Mention that it has been visited more than once by Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Certainly not as remote as Menies Bay, but possibly more beautiful because of its luxurious white sand and turquoise colored waters. In addition, it is an excellent spot for snorkeling and family friendly because the water is shallow enough for children.

A story of pirates, buried treasure, and castles belongs to Gramvousa Island, where its Venetian fortresses cast a shadow on the beautiful waters. Originally belonging to the Venetians, the castle was turned over the the Turks in 1892.

 The Itinerary:

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 Say “aye” like a true pirate and take off toward the glowering castle of Fort Imeri Gramvousa just an hour away from the old Venetian Harbour.

Enjoy the glass like clarity of the water as you coast into history, listening to the tales of pirates and battles and buried treasure.


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    Best Trip Ever

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